Software Solutions

Asset Management

Asset Management includes comprehensive functionality not only for the physical tracking of property, but also all accounting information such as powerful depreciation, fund-accounting, and adjustment/transfer functionality. Asset Management will maximize your efficiency by incorporating automated processes into your day-to-day management activities.

Flexible, Affordable Property Management

Built for maximum scalability, InCircuit's Asset Management application lets you specify the functions and data elements that apply to your organization, and manage data the way you need to-not the way the software forces you to manage it. Whether it's acquisition, transfers, repair and maintenance, utilization tracking, disposal, or just physical inventory, Asset Management gives you the opportunity to customize your system in every aspect. Even the business logic can be modified so that rules, fields, layout-everything about the software-can be changed quickly and affordably to meet your unique needs.

Complete Life Cycle Management

The InCircuit Asset Management Suite allows you to manage property from acquisition through disposal by integrating key data and business processes into one comprehensive system. The system gives real-time insight to the people in your organization who need to make effective business decisions. Asset Management maximizes your efficiency by incorporating automated processes into your day-to-day management activities.

Built on Experience

InCircuit has been providing software and property management consulting to state government and higher education for over eleven years. The Asset Management application was designed especially for property managers, including base functionality for every area of property and surplus management. While we include the functionality required for financial management, our approach incorporates the property manager's needs in addition to those of the accounting office. Our system design comes straight from the field, where it's evolving all the time.

Standard Features include:

  • Customizable record detail forms
  • Acquisition and accounting ledgers
  • Flexible location hierarchy
  • Owner and assignment tracking
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Utilization tracking
  • Batch disposal with unlimited disposal method options
  • Multiple acquisition-fund accounting
  • Complete history tracking and audit trails
  • Standard, ad-hoc and user-defined reporting
  • NIGP and custom classification schedules